CCGFIS is a service designed to cut through the clutter to identify colleges most accessible to a student, based on their academic and financial resources. IT IS AN ADVISING SERVICE, NOT A FORWARDING SERVICE.

For every student from Asian & South East Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka who finds a way to come to the US, there are several who try and fail.

We leverage our experience, not to recruit for colleges, but to help students who are keen on coming to realize their dream.

Our database has been built to filter out colleges that do not meet the specific needs of the student and filter in colleges that will optimize the chances of the student succeeding in a foreign environment.

Who Do We Serve?  

  • High school students who dream to study in the U.S.

  • High school graduates with less than stellar results

  • High school students who want to resume education after a gap

  • Students not getting colleges within their resources

  • Students, finding it difficult to pick the right college

  • Students with a first degree

  • Students with a Master’s degree

How Do We Serve Prospective Students?

To help students find the right institution, we

  • Conduct a preliminary assessment of academic achievement

  • Assess financial resources

  • Identify potential colleges

  • Assist in the application process

  • Provide a point of contact for first-time travelers/parents

  • Provide premium services

  • Offer personalized, confidential service

If you would like to learn more before you subscribe, email our Director Dr. L. Hazareesingh at [email protected]

Why Us?

We never ask you to trust us blindly. Rather we ask you to consider what you get from us and then make a wise decision.

  • Guidance from experienced and knowledgeable professionals

  • A private forum for asking personally relevant questions

  • A professional appraisal of applications materials

  • A resource in case the application process goes awry (application processes are not immune from Murphy’s Law!)

  • Access to customized services at reduced rates

  • Assistance with college and program selections

  • Advice on travel to the US

  • Access to relevant information for international students

  • And more

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If you think our service can be of help to you, become a member today. Once you register, our representative will contact you and discuss the whole procedure in detail.

We offer personalized services to you. Don’t delay.

Choose CCGFIS today! 

Note:  If you choose to upgrade to premium membership, you will gain access to a wealth of information to help you understand and navigate the US higher education system. Details will be provided after registration.